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Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Science

Programme Objectives

The overall objective of the Bachelor of Environmental Health Science Degree Programme is to impart relevant knowledge and skills needed for promotion and sustenance of the health and safety of man in his environment. The specific objectives are:

  1. To impart and generate knowledge that pertains to effective recognition and response to environmental health problems.
  2. To acquaint the students with the knowledge of prevailing communicable disease, their mode of transmission and methods of controlling the biological and physical environment so as to prevent them.
  3. To impart the basic knowledge of physical, sociological and biological theories, concepts and principles and application of these in the practice of environmental health.
  4. To impart skills and relevant methods used in identification, diagnosis and management of environmental health hazards.
  5. To impart on the students’ attitude of team work, leadership and scientific enquiry in relation to every aspect of his professional activities.
  6. To equip students with relevant knowledge and skill for advanced training and research in environmental health
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