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Bachelor of Science in Physiology


The undergraduate physiology programme is to train students in theoretical, practical, and applied physiology so that they can utilize the basic knowledge for future problem solving and other applications – like practice of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, etc.

The graduates should be able to function as entrepreneur whether in public service or self-employed.

Graduation Requirements

To qualify for the award of a degree of Thomas Adewumi University, a student is required to have:

  1. Completed and passed the prescribed number of units including all compulsory courses specified by the University.
  2. Completed and met the standards for all prescribed compulsory, required and elective courses totaling 120 credit units.
  3. Obtained the prescribed minimum CGPA (i.e., 1.50).

Employment opportunity

  1. Research scientist in industry, Government and Universities
  2. University/ polytechnic academic
  3. Medicine
  4. Healthcare equipment and product marketing
  5. Scientific instrument development
  6. Pharmaceutical industry management
  7. Teacher
  8. Hospital laboratory technician/manager
  9. Exercise consultant


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