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Bachelor of Science in Anatomy

Programme Objectives

The programme is broad – based enough to produce graduates who will be able to work 
and perform in the following areas:
i. Stereology and Electron Microscopy Laboratories
ii. Cytogenetic and Advance Histology Laboratories
iii. Sporting and Physical Fitness Clinics/Centres
iv. Physiotherapy Clinics
v. Nutritional and Dietary Centres and Unit 
vi. Medical rehabilitation Centres
vii. Radiological/Imaging Centres
viii. Ultrasound/Ultrasonography Centres
ix. Fertility Clinics
x. Research Laboratories
xi. Molecular Biology/ Bioinformatics and Biotechnology Centres
xii. Forensic Laboratories
xiii. Paramedical Units in Hospital/Clinics
xiv. Advance Mortuary Units
xv. Cell and Tissue Culture Laboratories
xvi. Histochemistry and Immunohistochemistry Labs
xvii. Cytology Laboratory Medical Data Scientist 
xviii. Federal Government Parastatal e.g., Road Safety, Military and Paramilitary 
Formations etc. 
xix. NGOs like UNICEF, WHO, Red Cross Society etc.
xx. Orthotics, Prostatic and Podiatry 
xxi. Teach Human Anatomy in Higher Institutions of learning 

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