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Bachelor of Science in Public Health


Public Health, a part of Medicine that deals with the science and art of preventing diseases, extending life, and promoting health through society's concerted efforts, is obviously focused on all aspects of health and wellness, rather than just the eradication of specific diseases. Though the field of Public Health emerged from conventional Western medicine but has since broadened to include concerns in policy& management, sanitation & hygiene, nutrition, epidemiology, and health education. Despite flourishing well and being commonly patronized in many industrialized nations, the BSc programme in Public Health remains relatively nascent in Nigeria since there are only a few universities that offer it. In contrast, the Masters in Public Health programme has been widely available for decades and is extremely sought after across the nation.

The practice of Public Health is not a one-on-one discipline, unlike the routine in other medical settings—such as a doctor's office or hospital. Rather, Public Health places a strong emphasis on prevention among large groups of people and seeks to improve and safeguard community health and well-being. The field has further received significant recognition on account of its involvement in containing the COVID-19 epidemic. Given the diversity of the discipline in terms of potential future career options, Thomas Adewumi University has also chosen to launch an undergraduate course in Public Health, with the hope of joining the ranks of a few other universities which have already received accreditation from the Nigerian Universities Commission. Our main goal in establishing this programme is to create health professionals with a strong background in community health workers, a high aptitude for clinical research, and the ability to critically evaluate published literature.


The programme is to produce competent graduates that can serve as public health professionals in the country and globally by mastering the art and science of preventing diseases, protecting, and improving the health of communities and the population at large through research, promoting healthy lifestyle and surveillance to prevent infections and injuries while working in a team or as an individual. The degree is to be a four-year course and called Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSc. Public Health).


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