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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry


The programme for the award of B.Sc. Chemistry shall be made up of four (4) years of formal studies in the University comprising three (3) years of pre-clinical training in basic sciences and basic medical sciences; and three years of clinical training. The clinical training shall comprise:

The programme shall normally run for 8 semesters (4 academic sessions) for candidates admitted into the 100 level of study; and 6 semesters (3 academic sessions) for candidates admitted into the 200 level of study. The maximum number of semesters allowed for the programme shall not exceed 12 semesters.

Mode of Study

Candidate must register as full-time students.  No part-time registration shall be allowed

Methods for Course Evaluation

  1. All courses taught during each Semester shall be examined at the end of the semester. Candidates will be credited with the number of course units assigned to the courses in which they have passed the examinations.
  2. An External Examiner shall moderate examinations in final year  courses respectively.
  3. There shall be Continuous Assessments for each course during the Semester. The Continuous Assessments shall constitute 30-40% of the total examination marks, while the examination at the end of the Semester shall constitute 60-70%.
  4. Pass mark for all compulsory/ core courses prescribed by the Department of Chemistry shall be 40%
  5. There shall be a Panel of Departmental Examiners in each subject area and the Head of the Department shall be the Chief Examiner.
  6. For each subject area, the Internal Examiners shall be those who teach the various courses (not below the grade of Lecturer II) who shall set questions, mark the answer scripts and compute the results. They shall also jointly sign the examination result.
  7. The Departmental Examination Committee chaired by the Head of Department shall moderate the questions and present the signed results to the Board of Examiners for consideration and subsequent approval.
  8. The result shall be published at the end of each examination. Any candidate who for no acceptable reason(s) is absent from any examination shall be deemed to have failed.
  9. Students may be barred from taking part in all examinations if they failed to obtain 75% attendance. 
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