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Bachelor of Nursing Science

Philosophy of the Programme


The philosophy of the Department of Nursing Science is hinged on the University’s philosophy which is excellence entrenched through education in order to produce men and women who shall be capable of making impact on and changing society for better through holistic health care for all and sundry regardless of ethnicity or geographical barrier.

The philosophy of the B.NSc. is also hinged on the following:

(1) Human Beings: Man is a bio-psycho-social being whose needs are the focus of all nursing activities in their efforts towards achieving a high level of wellness. They deserve respect, dignity and should be accorded opportunity for informed decision in the cause of their care. They are members of families and communities which achieve health locally and globally with the assistance of nursing and other health care disciplines.

(2) Health: Health is a holistic dynamic state of being which is on a continuum of wellness and illness. The client’s definition of health is influenced by culture, personal values, societal norms and scientific knowledge

(3) Nursing: Nursing is an art and a science. As an art, Nursing is described as the caring, compassionate, understanding, communicating, and loving profession in caring for patients. Nurses assists individuals, families and communities in preventing illness, identifying health needs (nursing diagnoses), restoring health with the aim of reaching their optimal level of functioning and promoting quick recovery. Where it is inevitable, it preserves dignity in death.

Nursing as a science, is based on the knowledge of behaviour that enables changes in the client system to be monitored by utilizing the scientific methods of inquiry while providing care as an art.

(4) Environment: The human environment is a major factor in man’s health status. It is therefore necessary to conceptualize the individual and the environment as open systems engaged in continuous dynamic interaction.

(5) Learning: Learning is a life-long process of acquiring knowledge and developing the skills and attitudes which enable the learner to practice effectively within a complex and changing environment. A healthy environment with good role models will inspire positive personality in learners who will in turn be the pride of the society as exhibited in their nursing practice.

6) Research: Nursing as a profession imbibed research as part of their practice and engagement in improving health interventions for Clients and Patients alike based on Scientific findings that lend credence to Evidence-Based Nursing Practice. 

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