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  • TAU to provide students with the best possible educational experience, establishes GST Unit

TAU to provide students with the best possible educational experience, establishes GST Unit

  • 20th Apr, 2023 12:45pm
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Dear members of the TAU Community,

We are excited to announce the establishment of the General Studies (GST) Unit at our institution! This was part of the outcome of the 7th Extraordinary Meeting of the Senate, held on 19th April 2023 at the East Campus, Oko. Announcing the approval of the new unit following a motion moved by Dr. Bamidele Ayeni and seconded by Mr. Samuel Borode, both of the Faculty of Basic Medical and Health Sciences, (FBMHS), the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Francisca Oladipo, FNCS said that the establishment of unit will support the university’s dream of producing well-rounded, morally and intellectually capable graduates with vision and entrepreneurial skills in an environment of peace and social cohesiveness.

The GST Unit will coordinate all the General Courses offered by students enrolled in all the disciplines in our university. The courses cut across communications, local and foreign languages, contemporary issues in sociocultural contexts and leadership skills among others, and are expected to expose the students to skills that will enable them to lead a productive life post-study.

The TAU GST Unit will be led by Dr. Abiodun Ajibola, who brings in a wealth of experiences nurturing new programs to success. We believe that under his leadership, the unit will strive to achieve the objectives of the National Universities Commission and that of TAU as follows:

  1. Acquisition, development and inculcation of the proper value-orientation for the survival of the individual and society;
  2. The development of intellectual capacities of individuals to understand, appreciate and promote peaceful co-existence;
  3. Producing graduates with broad knowledge of the Nigerian Nation and people with a view to inculcating in them mutual understanding and patriotism;
  4. Producing students who can critically analyse situations, critique these as well as offer alternatives;
  5. Producing students who have skills to carry out comparative analyses such as comparing the situation in one country with similar ones in Africa or elsewhere in the Third World;
  6. Exposing graduates of Nigerian Universities to the skills of ICT for computer literacy and ability to live usefully in this ICT/digital age;
  7. Preparing students for a post-university life with opportunities for job creation and entrepreneurial skills;
  8. Producing graduates capable of communicating effectively, both orally and in written form.

The creation of this new unit is part of TAU’s ongoing commitment to providing innovative and high-quality education to our students. Therefore, we believe that this addition will enrich our academic offerings and provide students with valuable opportunities to pursue their interests and achieve their goals. We look forward to seeing the many contributions that this new unit will make to our institution and to the broader academic community.

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