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  • Thomas Adewumi University Hosts Second Faculty Lecture Series on Workplace Conflict Management and Organizational Sustainability

Thomas Adewumi University Hosts Second Faculty Lecture Series on Workplace Conflict Management and Organizational Sustainability

  • 05th Apr, 2024 11:09am
  • News Update

Thomas Adewumi University, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and innovation, hosted the Second Faculty Lecture Series on the theme of "Workplace Conflict Management and Organizational Sustainability" yesterday at the University Auditorium. The event brought together a diverse audience comprising the university community, including management, principal officers, esteemed staff members, and enthusiastic students. Notably, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Francisca Oladipo, joined the event virtually, underscoring the university's embrace of technology and inclusivity.

The lecture, organized by the prestigious Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, featured Dr. Adeyemi Emmanuel, the Head of the Department of Business Administration within the host faculty, as the keynote speaker. Dr. Emmanuel delivered a comprehensive discourse on the intricacies of managing workplace conflicts and their implications for organizational sustainability.

The event commenced with a warm welcome address by Dr. Farohunbi Samuel, the Coordinator of Human Capacity Development at the University and the organizer of the lecture series. Dr. Samuel expressed gratitude to everyone present and highlighted the significance of the occasion as the 2nd edition of the faculty lecture series. He commended the foresight and dedication of the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Francisca Oladipo, in steering the university towards academic excellence. With this, he officially declared the event open, setting the stage for an insightful discourse.

Subsequently, the Vice-Chancellor delivered the opening remarks, emphasizing the importance of collaborative learning within the university community. She lauded the initiative as an opportunity for knowledge exchange and underscored the relevance of the lecture topic in fostering a culture of effective conflict management within organizations.

Mr. Akinbode, a lecturer from the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, then presented the guest lecturer citation for Dr. Adeyemi Emmanuel. Dr. Emmanuel, a distinguished scholar with a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Ilorin, was recognized for his extensive contributions to research and his professional affiliations. Afterward, Dr. Emmanuel took the stage to deliver his lecture, beginning with an elucidation of the keywords of his topic.

In his lecture titled "Workplace Conflict Management and Organizational Sustainability," Dr. Emmanuel delved into the multifaceted nature of workplace conflicts, defining them as both inevitable and manageable phenomena. He elucidated conflict management strategies, emphasizing the importance of proactive approaches aimed at avoidance, reduction, or elimination of conflicts.

Dr. Emmanuel also discussed the concept of organizational sustainability, encompassing social, environmental, and economic dimensions. He underscored the interconnectedness between effective conflict management and sustainable organizational practices, citing empirical evidence and theoretical frameworks to support his assertions.

Throughout the lecture, Dr. Emmanuel explored the triggers, types, and dimensions of workplace conflicts, as well as the steps and strategies for their effective management. He underscored the importance of fostering a culture of mutual respect and empathy to mitigate conflicts and enhance organizational resilience.

The session concluded with a vibrant question-and-answer segment, where attendees engaged Dr. Emmanuel in insightful discussions and sought clarification on various aspects of his presentation. In recognition of his valuable contributions, Dr. Emmanuel was presented with a certificate of recognition by Prof. E. O. Irokanulo, the Dean of the Faculty of Basic Medical and Health Sciences.

Finally, the Dean of the Host Faculty; Dr. J.A. Ishola delivered closing remarks, expressing gratitude to all participants and reaffirming the university's commitment to academic excellence and knowledge dissemination.

In essence, the Second Faculty Lecture Series at Thomas Adewumi University provided a platform for intellectual discourse and knowledge dissemination, furthering the institution's commitment to academic excellence and community engagement.

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