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  • The Directorate of Research, Innovations, and Product Development Empowers Academic Staff with Insights on Research Impact and Visibility

The Directorate of Research, Innovations, and Product Development Empowers Academic Staff with Insights on Research Impact and Visibility

  • 25th Jan, 2024 10:56am
  • News Update

Oko-Irese, Kwara State, Nigeria

January 25, 2024

Thomas Adewumi University's Directorate of Research, Innovations, and Product Development (DRIPDEV) hosted an enlightening session yesterday as part of its TAU Research Hub series. The January edition, titled "Research for Impact 1: TAU Research Activities," featured an insightful lecture by Dr. Adekemi T. Dahunsi, the Director of DRIPDEV.

The lecture focused on the critical theme of research impact and its profound effects on the visibility of an institution, both at an individual and global level. Dr. Dahunsi delved into the core elements of the University's mandate, emphasizing the threefold purpose of any academic institution: Research, Teaching, and Community Impact/Development.

Among the highlights of Dr. Dahunsi's presentation were discussions on TAU's strategic theme, aligning research activities with the attainment of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the importance of quality publishing, and strategies to enhance visibility on various platforms. The units under DRIPDEV were also spotlighted, including the Collaboration and Partnership Unit, Innovations and New Products Development, Strategic Partnerships, Conference and Journal Publication, and Research and Development Intellectual Property, etc.

Furthermore, the Director shed light on the significance of leveraging various visibility platforms such as ORCID, Academia, Google Scholar, and prominent social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram). She emphasized the importance of incorporating these platforms into daily practices, including email signatures and WhatsApp status updates, as powerful tools for personal and institutional visibility.

In her closing remarks, Dr. Dahunsi shared valuable tips for achieving quality publishing, which include doing your homework, minding the language of the research, creating a trusted review process, being open to the peer review process, limiting distractions, taking care of oneself, and creating a reward system. This underscored the importance of rigorous research methodologies, adherence to ethical standards, and effective communication of research findings.

The TAU Research Hub January edition not only provided valuable insights for the academic staff but also reaffirmed Thomas Adewumi University's commitment to fostering impactful research, global visibility, and academic excellence. The event served as a platform for the University community to engage in meaningful discussions and collaborations that contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the University's overall mission.

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