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Exciting Community News: Thomas Adewumi University Joins the Consortium of Universities for Global Health

  • 29th Sep, 2023 9:48pm
  • News Update

Dear members and friends of our university,

It is with great excitement and pride that I announce our acceptance into the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH). By the membership of this consortium, we proudly join the community of world-class universities comprising of Harvard, John Hopkins, Loyola, Emory, Cornell, Dartmouth, McGill, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and other universities worldwide who are dedicated to Global Health.  This momentous milestone signifies a significant step forward in our collective mission to address the world's most critical health challenges through active partnerships.

Established in 2008, with generous funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, the Washington DC based CUGH, is an organization of over 170 academic institutions and other organizations from around the world engaged in addressing global health challenges. With a primary mission to support academic institutions and partners to improve the wellbeing of people and the planet through education, research, service, and advocacy, the vision of the CUGH is to support the university as a transforming force in global health.

Thomas Adewumi University carries a distinguished legacy of pioneering research, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to making a profound impact on the global health landscape. With our acceptance into the membership of this esteemed consortium, we are set to amplify our efforts and contribute to groundbreaking advancements in global healthcare through our signature Basic Medical and Health Science programmes in Maternal and Child Health Nursing, Public and Community Health Nursing, Medical and Surgical Nursing, Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing as well as Medical Laboratory Sciences, Public Health, Environmental Health Science, and Physiotherapy.

The key Highlights of our collaboration include:

  1. Cross-Pollination of Expertise: Our collaboration will foster an environment where expertise and knowledge are shared freely, fostering interdisciplinary research and innovative solutions to global health dilemmas.
  2. Expanded Research Horizons: Through the pooling of resources and talents, we will embark on transformative research initiatives aimed at discovering sustainable solutions to global health challenges.
  3. Educational Excellence: Our students and researchers will benefit from exposure to a diverse and intellectually stimulating academic environment, nurturing a new generation of global health leaders.
  4. Global Impact, Advocacy and Policy Influence: Together, we will amplify our collective influence on the international stage, advocating for policies that promote health equity and universal access to high-quality healthcare. We shall also engage in outreach programs, community partnerships, and initiatives that positively impact underserved populations worldwide.
  5. Community Empowerment: The consortium will actively engage with local communities, collaborating to implement health interventions and empowering individuals with knowledge and tools for healthier lives.
  6. Research Collaboration: We shall have the opportunity to collaborate with renowned researchers and institutions to conduct groundbreaking research that addresses global health challenges.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our fellow CUGH members for their warm welcome and support. We are also grateful to the TAU Directorate of Research, Innovations, and Product Development who meticulously and rigorously pursued the application process, which involved the submission of tons of supporting documents, that ensured our acceptance into this prestigious organization.  This collaboration marks the beginning of a journey that promises to transform lives, create a healthier world, and address the pressing health issues of our time.

Please join us in celebrating this momentous occasion as we officially join the Consortium of Universities for Global Health. Together, as a united global community, we are stronger, more resilient, and better poised to confront the health challenges of our time.

With great anticipation and enthusiasm,


Professor Francisca O. Oladipo, PhD, FNCS, FASI, FPASRC


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