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Brigadier General A.A. Babalola, Commander of 22 Armour Brigade Sobi Barracks Ilorin, Embarks on a Cordial Visit to Thomas Adewumi University

  • 19th Sep, 2023 4:04pm
  • News Update

Oko-Irese, Kwara State, Nigeria,

September 19, 2023

Brigadier General A.A. Babalola, the distinguished Commander of the 22 Armour Brigade Sobi Barracks in Ilorin, undertook a gracious and informative visit to Thomas Adewumi University today, reaffirming the military's commitment to ensuring the safety and security of students and residents in Oko Irese community. The Commander, accompanied by a delegation of military officers was warmly received by the management of the institution, humbly led by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Francisca Oladipo. The purpose of this visit was to pay a courtesy visit to the Institution and a security tour assessment of TAU and the campus generally.

During his visit, General Babalola explored various aspects of the University, including its academic facilities, Engineering workshop, and the TAU solar farm. In a brief address to the university community, General Babalola remarked, "It is an honour to be here at Thomas Adewumi University, an institution committed to academic excellence and community development". He commended the university's efforts in maintaining a secure campus and pledged the 22 Brigade's continued support to further strengthen security measures. He also said the 22 Armour Brigade Sobi Barracks is fully committed to working closely with Thomas Adewumi University to guarantee the safety of students, faculty, and staff members.

The Vice-Chancellor of Thomas Adewumi University, Prof. Francisca, expressed her appreciation for General Babalola's visit. She stated, "We are honored to have Brigadier General A.A. Babalola and his team visit our campus today. This visit underscores the importance of security in our educational institutions, and we appreciate the collaborative efforts of the 22 Brigade in maintaining a safe learning environment”. She further talked about the University in brief, listing out factors that make TAU a self-sustaining Institution; from the  TAU solar power supply for the entire campus, to the TAU Farms where the food production, livestock &cattle rearing take place to reduce TAU's cost of spending, also the TAU workshop, where the production of TAU tables, chairs, and other furniture are produced etc., makes Thomas Adewumi University stands out as a self-support system. 

Brigadier General A.A. Babalola's courtesy visit and security tour to Thomas Adewumi University underscores the importance of collaboration between the military personnel and Thomas Adewumi University in promoting safety and security. The university community is optimistic about future initiatives that will further enhance the security measures on campus and the entire Oko community.

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