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  • NIEEE Ilorin Chapter Chairman Takes on Mentorship Role at Thomas Adewumi University

NIEEE Ilorin Chapter Chairman Takes on Mentorship Role at Thomas Adewumi University

  • 12th Sep, 2023 3:00pm
  • News Update

Oko-Irese, Kwara State, Nigeria,

September 08, 2023

In a significant move to enhance the quality of education and mentorship in its Faculty of Engineering, Thomas Adewumi University (TAU) has appointed Engineer Abidoye E. Olufemi, the 5th Chairman of the Nigerian Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (NIEEE) Ilorin Chapter, as a mentor for its upcoming students in the Faculty of Engineering.  The formal letter of appointment was presented to him during the recent visit of the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Francisca Oladipo, to the chapter, and he wholeheartedly accepted the request. The announcement of this appointment further solidifies the commitment of TAU to providing the best possible educational and developmental opportunities for its faculty and students in the field of engineering.

During the visit to the NIEEE Ilorin Chapter, Professor Francisca admired the dedication and expertise of Engineer Abidoye Olufemi, highlighting his role in advancing engineering practices and education in the region. She stated, "We are honored to have Engineer Abidoye Olufemi, a distinguished professional in the field of engineering, as a mentor for our young faculty of Engineering. His wealth of experience and leadership within the Chapter will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and development of our engineering faculty." In response to the appointment, Engr. Abidoye Olufemi expressed his gratitude and commitment to the role, saying, "I am deeply honored to accept this appointment as a mentor to TAU's Faculty of Engineering. I believe that by sharing knowledge and experiences, we can help shape the future of engineering education and practice in Nigeria."

As a mentor, Engineer Abidoye Olufemi will work closely with TAU's young engineering faculty members, providing guidance, support, and insights drawn from his extensive experience in the engineering field, and also offer a field of knowledge and support to the students.  His mentorship is expected to not only enhance the academic and professional growth of the faculty, but also contribute to the development of a well-rounded and highly skilled engineering workforce. The appointment of NIEEE Ilorin Branch Chairman as a mentor for TAU's faculty of Engineering marks a significant step in fostering collaboration between academia and industry. It underscores TAU's commitment to producing engineering graduates who are not only academically proficient but also well-prepared for the practical challenges of the engineering profession.

The entire TAU community looks forward to the positive impact of this mentorship arrangement, which will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and excellence of TAU's Faculty of Engineering and further strengthen the ties between the University and the Nigerian Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Ilorin. 


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