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TAU Launches Refreshing New Line of Product

  • 17th May, 2023 1:42pm
  • News Update

In a groundbreaking move, Thomas Adewumi University Institute of Water Resource Management has unveiled its latest creation set to offer students, staff, and the local community a refreshing and unique drink option. 
TAU signature Lemonade drink features an assortment of tantalizing flavors, carefully crafted using locally sourced and organic ingredients including a combination of citrus fruits. With options ranging from natural lemonade lime juice and Lemon blended with Hibiscus leaf. This initiative embodies the University's commitment to sustainability, as the drinks are packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable bottles.

The Chancellor launched the Lemonade drink with substantial amount of money, also the Vice-Chancellor, Registrar and the Director of Physical planning and development. Afterwards, The Chancellor/Founder appreciated our visionary Vice-Chancellor(Prof. Francisca Oladipo) and the entire management team for creating this opportunity he then stated that “this serves as an encouragement to younger generation. Together we shall develop Nigeria”. He further appreciated the team that worked together to develop this initiative.  
In addition to providing a delicious and refreshing drink option, the launch of the lemonade line serves a greater purpose. And it will be made available across various locations on campus, including the University's cafeteria, Shopping mall, and School book shop. Additionally, plans are underway to expand distribution to local supermarkets and community events, giving the wider public a chance to taste the unique flavors that TAU has to offer. With the introduction of this enticing lemonade line, Thomas Adewumi University has once again demonstrated its ability to push boundaries and create opportunities.

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