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  • Marking Two Years of Success: TAU commemorates its Second Year Anniversary in style

Marking Two Years of Success: TAU commemorates its Second Year Anniversary in style

  • 16th May, 2023 5:49pm
  • News Update

In a celebration of growth, Thomas Adewumi University Management and Staff shared a significant moment of insights into the past, present and future of our great citadel of knowledge. This was commemorated with a speech on "Remembering the Days of Humble Beginnings" given at the event by a number of distinguished pioneer employees.  This event served as a poignant reminder of the University's journey from inception to its current standing as a prominent Institution of higher education.

The event, held in the University Faculty Building on 16th May 2023, was marked by a sense of reflection and gratitude as we all gathered to acknowledge the significant milestones achieved by the University in just two years. It commenced with opening prayers, praises and introduction of the Principal Officers, Management, and new members of Staff were also welcomed on board to the University team.

The Vice-Chancellor, in her remarks, recognized the outstanding contributions of Staff members who has played important roles in the University's development. In her address, she expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the entire University community, stating; "Today, we gather not only to celebrate our Second Year anniversary but also to recognize the collective efforts that has brought us to this moment. It is through the unwavering dedication of everyone present that Thomas Adewumi University has grown and flourished. Together, we have embraced challenges, pursued excellence, and created a nurturing academic environment."
The Speakers of the day, Miss Victoria Ayorinde, Mr. Farohunbi Samuel, Mr. Dare Ogundele and Mrs. Mercy Olaoye each delivered an inspiring address, taking the Staff on a nostalgic journey back to the University's humble beginnings. The insights shed light on the challenges faced and triumphs achieved during the early stages of the institution's establishment. Each speech provided a powerful reminder of the perseverance and commitment that has propelled the institution forward. It served as a catalyst for continued growth, innovation, and the pursuit of academic excellence. A short recap of the journey so far was also showcased. Following the lecture, the evening continued with Quiz among the Staff, cutting of the cake and group photograph, this shows a sense of camaraderie and unity.

With each passing year, Thomas Adewumi University will continue to solidify its position as a self-sustaining University and a respected Centre of Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. As the institution looks toward the future, it remains committed to providing an exceptional learning experience and creating opportunities for innovation and personal growth.

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