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Mechanical Engineering

The philosophy of the programme is to produce self-reliant and confident graduates who can
bring their academic and practical backgrounds to bear on the problems of industry and the
larger Nigerian society. The academic programme has been planned to challenge and encourage
students towards developing ingenuity and originality in problem solving.

Graduates of Mechanical Engineering would be able to seek sustainable innovative and efficient
ways to design, analysis, manufacture, operation, and maintenance of mechanical systems while
ensuring competitive costing, safety, reliability, and efficiency of such systems. Graduating
students from Mechanical Engineering would be well equipped to develop, operate and maintain
the nation’s engineering infrastructure and utility services. The graduates will also be able to
stand global competitiveness in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

The objectives of the Mechanical Engineering programme are to prepare its
graduates to:

a. actively engage in engineering practice or in other fields, such as education, science,
business, public policy, politics, or governance for sustainable development.
b. retain intellectual curiosity that will motivate them to pursue meaningful lifelong
learning via graduate education in engineering or related fields, participation in
professional development and/or industrial training courses, and/or obtain
engineering certification.
c. develop successful careers as mechanical engineers and apply their mechanical
engineering education to address the full range of technical and societal problems
with professional engineering competence, creativity, imagination, confidence, and
d. occupy positions of increasing responsibility and/or assignments and aspire to
positions of leadership within their profession for enhanced community participation
and qualitative service delivery.
e. exhibit the highest ethical and professional standards, and, as agents of positive
change, communicate the importance and excitement of Mechanical Engineering.

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