I welcome you all on behalf of the Founder Engr. Dr. Johnson Bamidele O. Adewumi FNSE, The Asiwaju of Oko-Irese, the Proprietor, Board of Trustees, Governing Council and the Management of Thomas Adewumi University, TAU, Oko, as you join the TAU family for a lifelong experience. TAU was one of the 20 Private Universities given provisional License by the National Universities Commission in April 2021.  The Provisional Approval came with the permission to have 15 programmes in 10 Departments of three Faculties for the takeoff. However, the University is to develop in four phases culminating in ten Faculties and a Postgraduate School  and a student population of about 16 257 at maturity.

Academic activities commenced on Monday, May 17, 2021 and the Maiden Matriculation was held on the 20th of August with 60 Students in Medical Laboratory Sciences (2), Nursing Sciences (26), Physiotherapy (6), Biochemistry (1), Chemistry (2), Computer Science (3), Microbiology (1), Software Engineering (2), Accounting (1), Business Administration (3), Economics (1), Criminology and Security Studies (6) and Mass Communication (6). You will agree with me that these are not enviable figures at all for a University of this tatus, considering the huge investment in starting a University such as ours. The challenge is therefore very obvious for us all to see. Anyway, this was how many other Universities that we now envy started.  We should therefore not be discouraged or despair. So I charge you all not only to admire another man’s wife but to feed and dress your own (Zambian Proverb). I therefore welcome you all on board, as together we are going to build a truly universal city, for that is what a University is, that can be a pride to all.

Our programmes are tailored towards equipping students with the knowledge and leading – edge skills required for life – long successful careers and global relevance. We are determined to provide practical and innovative education for grooming academically, technically, professionally, entrepreneurially and morally equipped men and women who will catalyse the revolution in self sufficiency at all levels. Thus it is a great opportunity for us to be part of the TAU family building future Leaders. Once again I very warmly welcome you all as together we lay a strong foundation for a world class university.

As Vice Chancellor, I am committed to excellence and to lead TAU to have world – wide acclaim, promote advancement of knowledge and be a major player for national and global socio -economic development. You can see the huge investment in the infrastructural layouts and the modern facilities and a beautiful and serene campus we are trying to provide in order to make working and learning conducive and rewarding. Thank you for joining the TAU Staff Family and I am sure I can count on your academic, professional and moral contributions towards the realisation of the dreams for which the University was established. Let us work together as we take the bold step on the path to self – development, self- determination and share in our ideals and vision for positive change. Let us lay a good foundation and an enduring legacy for this new but promising University. You cannot use up creativity; the more you use, the more you have (Maya Angelou), so let us pull our resources and talents together in order to build the University on a very solid foundation.

I therefore call on you all to join hands with me as we work together in this service to humanity which is also service to God. I urge you to give your best to the service of this great university. We need to position ourselves for success and narrow the chances of failure by dedicating ourselves to the fear of God and selfless service. We need to set realistic targets and work towards their attainment while not forgetting the vision and mission of the University. As we plough on in this endeavor, I urge you all to make up your mind with a view to improving on our contributions to the realization of the noble mandate of our university. We are all leaders in our little corners, I therefore plea with you to sustain and maintain our little spaces and watch as God blesses us in return.

Let us be alive to our individual and corporate responsibilities, strengthen our relationship with God and watch as we experience the blessings of God in our lives and that of this University. We need to lay a solid foundation, keep building on it and keep moving ahead so we can be on top. We have got to move ahead and be in motion always for progress to come our way. Therefore let us dream dreams of seeing ourselves, within the shortest possible time, among the best in the comity of world class Universities. Let us take steps to actualize our dreams. Paul, in 2 Corinthians 2: 14 assures us that God has constant victory for us and will always cause us to triumph. In order to achieve this, you will agree with me, that there is much to do, many battles to fight and much to conquer so that we can be a truly International institution. So let us be good builders and put our trust and hope in God as we do our best in our various little corners.

I am sure that the best is on our way for the sky is certainly not our limit but perhaps the beginning of new opportunities. Let us venture out. Let us live in love, peace and understanding as a team. I know we can and shall excel for the end of the beginning is certainly the beginning of a new beginning. The past is just the beginning of the beginning and the dream before the awakening. Let us invest our time and resources well. Let us venture out together. Let us take risks together and press on toward the mark.

There are certain urgent issues that we will be considering and tackling in the very near future. A University operates based on the Committee system and I assure you all that as major stakeholders in this University, you will be called upon at various times and perhaps at short notices to play one role or the other. Remember that none of us is as smart as all of us; so we need to work together to achieve for the Bible says that two are better than one because they have good reward for their work.

We will be having constant consultations and dialogues so we can tap best ideas, take joint decisions and execute our plans perfectly together. Among the important committees we will make use of are University Academic Board, Faculty Boards, Departmental Boards, Senate, Congregation and Staff Welfare. Of course there will be many other ad-hoc committees. Please be ready to play significant roles when called upon. As from today, you all belong to the University’s Strategic Planning Committee, Internally Generated Revenue Committee and Admissions Committee. Please bring suggestions on what the University can do and where you think it should be in the near and far future and how to get there, how the University can boost her revenue and so have enough to cater for all our needs. Please be determined to take active part in the admission drive and challenge yourself on how many students you can attract into the University each year as you know that our continued stay here and getting paid regularly will henceforth depend largely on having enough student enrolled in the University. Our quota is 500 students for now and we should strive to meet this or even surpass it. So it is all in our hands and we should have the right attitude as this is a strong determinant of our altitude. My door and lines will always remain open for your suggestion and interactions. So please feel free to contact me anytime.

Meanwhile, I plead with you to be diligent, resourceful and Godly as you carry out your assignments in this University. I request that you please familiarize yourself with the Conditions of Service of the University which you can access on the University website or read the hardcopy in the Library or in the Office of your Unit Head. Please see your joining the TAU Family as an honour that requires that you uphold the policies, regulations and guidelines laid down by the University. I urge you in particular to abide by and be guided by the following core values, moral principles and standards of the University:

1) Godliness 2) Good conduct 3) Respect for others 4) Good work habit/ethics 5) behaving with integrity 6) Self respect 7) Respect for the dignity, feelings, worth and values of others 8) Respect for the right of others 9) Proper care of the University Properties 10) Equal right for all 11) Professional responsibility and competence 12) Good behavior at work and outside the campus 13) Personal, professional and academic integrity 14) Punctuality and regularity at work 15) Fostering of personal professional work ethics 16) Fostering an open, fair and caring environment 17) Saying no to substance abuse and violence 18) Upholding good dressing code 19) Supporting the University and 20) Being good Ambassadors at all times.

This University will operate on the laid down organogram and lines of communication. Please familiarize yourself with the approved headships of your unit and ways of channeling your communications. The University will be organizing seminars, workshops and orientation programmes at various levels so you can be familiar with University Culture, what working in a University entails, especially a private one, the expectations of the University from you, the reward systems and of course sanctions for violators of University rules and regulations among many other issues.

Let me close this welcome address by emphasizing on five of the principles:

  • Dress Code – dress the way you want to be addressed or taken and to reflect the image of the University.
  • Locus parenting – be caring to all our students and others because you are their parents away from home.
  • Punctuality, Regularity and Dedication to Duty- this is the sole of business so don’t be a busy body or shooting star,
  • Guided use of handset and electronic gadgets during office hours – to avoid unnecessary time wastage and distraction and not to be used at any meetings
  • Security on and off the Campus – for your safety and that of others as well as properties.

I wish you all a very rewarding and fulfilling working experience filled with the goodness and blessings of the Lord in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen. Welcome to the TAU Family.

KLA 100721