Software Engineering

B.Sc Software Engineering
Faculty of Computing and Applied Sciences

B.Sc Software Engineering

Software engineering includes building, developing, designing and maintaining software. software engineering is process of analyzing user requirements, then …

Software Engineer needs to address the entire software development lifecycle – to analyse the needs, and then design, test and develop software in order to …

Admission Requirements (2020/2021 Academic Admission)

At Least five credit passes including English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and any other 1 relevant Science subject.

English Language, Mathematics, Physics and any of Biology, Chemistry, Agricultural Sciences, Economics or Geography

Tuition: N355,000

Others (N191,000):

ID Card – N2,000, Registration Fee – N10,000, Development Fee – N50,000, Matric Fee – N4,000, Library Fee – N10,000, Sports Fee – N10,000, Entrepreneurial Fee – N10,000, Medical Fee – N20,000, ICT Fee – N25,000, Clinical, Lab, Studio Fees – N25,000, Caution Fee – N25,000

Hostel Fee (Room of four): N150,000

TOTAL: N696,000